RDFLicense dataset

A dataset of licenses represented in RDF

Machine readable licenses

This site provides a a machine readable (RDF) representation of different licenses for data, software or general works.

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SPARQL Endpoint

You may like querying our SPARQL endpoint at:
SPARQL Endpoint: http://lider2.dia.fi.upm.es:3037/rdflicense/sparql

The RDF version of the licenses in no manner substitutes the traditional English texts, but complements them by favouring the search, the automatic processing and the interoperation of licensed contents.

Licencia de Creative CommonsThis dataset is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You may also want to cite our research work:

A Dataset of RDF Licenses, V. Rodriguez-Doncel, S. Villata, A. Gomez-Perez, in Proc. of the 27th Int. Conf. on Legal Knowledge and Information System (JURIX), R. Hoekstra (Ed.), ISBN 978-1-61499-467-1, pp. 187-189, IOS Press, (2014)

About us These licenses have been edited by the Ontology Engineering Group, at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and the WIMMICS at INRIA.
Thanks also to Emmanuel Desmontils for his corrections.
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